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January 28, 2022
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Wisconsin state lawmakers are pushing for the legalization of medical marijuana. As Republicans move forward with the new legislation, a company in Illinois weighed in on the drug.
Cresco Labs owns dispensaries across the state, including SunnySide, in South Beloit, right on the Wisconsin border. Jason Erkes, the chief communications officer for Cresco, says the company fully supports the state changing its laws on marijuana, even if they lose some of their Wisconsin customers.
“We want it to be accessible to everyone for both medical and everyday wellness,” said Erkes.
Erkes went on to detail the customer base. He says while there is a market for recreational cannabis, many people who come to dispensaries are looking for treatment.
“We see a variety of different people and patients that come in, just looking for some relief,” said Erkes.
According to the Mayo Clinic website, medical marijuana can be used to treat various conditions, including epilepsy and glaucoma. Erkes says that people also come in to address anxiety and sleep problems, improving their daily wellness with medical marijuana. And because it is regulated, patients are prescribed consistent medication.
“You’re getting something that’s lab-tested, and quality assured,” said Erkes.
He says people do not get quality and consistency when they search for marijuana in states where it is illegal.
According to patients and customers, Erkes hears from, legalizing medical marijuana improves the quality of life for people looking for safe treatment.
“You know we hear from customers and patients from all over the state that are so thankful they now have a way to get relief,” said Erkes.
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