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Like Butter
Beauty and wellness enthusiasts always face a challenge when it comes to packing a carry-on suitcase — TSA liquid restrictions mean saying bye (temporarily) to full-sized products and re-filling another different container can be tedious. To save you some time and ensure your vacation is still filled with radiant skin, good health and nice hair, here’s a list of 20 skincare, makeup, haircare, and wellness products that are perfect to pack in a carry-on.
1. Ziri Skincare – Organic Argan Oil
On vacation you need a product that can multitask and this Ziri argan oil does it all. Apply this nourishing elixir straight from Morocco to your hair, body, face or hands to moisturize and repair.  
2. Maelove – Glow Maker
Vitamin C serum is a daily must to keep skin protected from free radicals and prevent premature aging. This uber-popular Maelove serum contains Vitamin C (15% L-ascorbic acid), Vitamin E and ferulic acid to create an antioxidant protective shield. 
3. Bella Skin Beauty – Vitamin C SERUM-IZER
Kill two birds with one stone when you pack this multifunctional skincare product from Bella Skin Beauty. Their Vitamin C SERUM-IZER is contains Vitamin C to protect skin and rosehip, jojoba, and sea buckthorn seed oil to act as serum and moisturizser in one.
4. Emma Lewisham – The Emma Lewisham Essentials
Maintain your comprehensive skincare routine on vacation with this set of small but supercharged skincare minis by Emma Lewisham. The set includes a serum, a day and night cream, oil, cleanser, and eye cream in a compact set perfect for vacation. 
5. Coco & Eve – Bronzing Face Drops
If your face could use a little extra bronze, this travel-friendly self-tanner can help you glow even during a winter vacay. Unlike other self-tan products, these face drops also happen to smell amazing, like an island getaway. 
6. Lesse – Bioactive Mask
Does your skin get irritated when you fly? Lesse’s Bioactive Mask will help as it instantly calms inflammation, redness and blemishes, especially in sensitive and acne-prone skin. Pack this one to soothe skin when you get to your hotel room. 
7. LOLI – Tea Seed Elixir
If your skin is looking parched, LOLI’s Tea Seed Elixir will put your complexion right back on track. Packed with a potent ingredient list of tea seed, flaxseed and apricot oil, plus sweet orange and pink grapefruit, this travel-size product will have you looking radiant in no time. 
8. Mederma – Advanced Scar Gel
For people who are active on vacation — rock climbers, cyclists, horseback riders and more — getting a scar or a cut is an unfortunate reality but something most people don’t prepare for. Keep this scar gel in your travel backpack to help your skin repair and heal in case you get hurt while you travel. 
9. Topicals – Like Butter (pictured top)
This multipurpose salve can help treat skin flare-ups like eczema or psoriasis but can be used by anyone to treat dry and rough skin. On vacation it can be used as a moisturizing overnight mask, cuticle balm, heal cream or knee salve. A cute yellow tube filled with nourishing skincare goodness. 
Tower 28 BeachPlease
10. Tower 28 – BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm
This multitasking tinted balm will make your eyes, lips and cheeks look fabulous, all while taking up minimal space in your bag. The shade Power Hour is particularly well-suited for brunettes, and packs green tea and aloe vera extract for an extra skincare boost.
11. REFY – Cream Bronzer
Few things are more disconcerting than arriving at your travel destination and opening your once-intact bronzer only to have all of its crumbling contents fall out. This will never happen again if you switch to REFY cream bronzer which has a cream-based formula to give you a perfect summer glow any time of year. 
12. Basma – Foundation Stick
Right up there with the broken bronzer is spilled foundation which is both costly and a nightmare to clean. Avoid this scenario with Basma’s foundation stick which comes in 40 shades and contains lots of skin-hydration ingredients to beautify your skin. 
Aceite de Moska
13. SKIMDO – The Baby
Finding a travel-friendly curl product isn’t easy, as many curl products come in large tubs. SKIMDO’s the Baby is a gamechanger; 1.7 oz tube is small but filled with a powerful formula to accentuate curls and wavy hair without needing any extra products. 
14. SH-RD – Hair Mask
Conditioner is another product that’s frequently too large to pack in a carry-on. That’s why this hair mask packed with shea butter, argan, macadamia, and avocado oil is the perfect travel companion to nourish hair, particularly on a beach vacation. 
15. Ceremonia – Aceite de Moska
In our haircare routine our scalp often takes a backseat. Give your scalp the love it deserves and pack this Ceremonia oil on your next vacation to nourish your hair from the root, add shine to your tresses and minimize frizz. 
Tripollar Stop VX GOLD
16. Tripollar – STOP Vx GOLD
One way to ensure you’re meeting the TSA liquid requirements? Pack fewer liquid skincare products and instead opt for a powerful device to do the job. Tripollar STOP Vx GOLD uses multi-radio frequency technology to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen and reshape your jaw contour. 
B.Immune Throat Spray
17. Rejuvenation Health – Mind Body Calm
From hours and hours of travel to mind-numbing jetlag, travel can be an anxiety-inducing experience. Avoid the extra feeling of stress by packing Mind Body Calm to help relax your muscles and mind with magnesium, calcium and other beneficial ingredients. 
18. Manuka Health – MGO 115+ Manuka Honey On-The-Go 12pack
Who hasn’t arrived at their travel destination with a sore throat or an overarching feeling of fatigue? Pack these travel-friendly servings of manuka honey to have on the plane or at your destination to nourish your body with healthy honey and also enjoy something sweet on the road. 
19. Beekeeper’s Naturals – B.Immune Throat Spray
Another bee-derived product, this throat spray is filled with antioxidants and other immune-boosting compounds. A few spritzes will soothe your throat and also boost your wellbeing while traveling using the powers of propolis. 
20. Goli – Supergreen Gummies
It can be hard to get your daily greens while traveling — Goli’s Supergreen Gummies can help you get your ideal vitamins and antioxidants on the road. Their gummies contain artichoke leaf extract, spirulina, and spinach, to get your greens even if you’re indulging on not-so-nutritious dishes while on vacation.


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